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What Is an Apprentice Plumber, how much Plumber Apprentice Salary can makes, how can be one of the Plumber Apprentice in this post we will explore the details about the Plumber Apprentice Salary how to make high.

To become a licensed plumber at the journeyman and master level, you require an apprenticeship under an experienced journeyman plumber program.

Your main focus is on assessing problems for clients and assisting the plumbers in the repairs of plumbing works.

An apprentice Plumber assists the master plumber. He assist him with the installation of gas, water, and drainage piping for the whole building in the new construction projects

You learn about safety rules and government regulations during the internship period.

Apprentice Plumbers may scope to do various jobs during their training period from home plumbing to large-scale institutional plumbing installation.

plumber apprentice salary
plumber apprentice salary

How to Become an Apprentice Plumber

You will be eligible for an apprenticeship after completing your pre-apprentice training period. When it is accepted, you will be matched with a professional plumber to guide you. With their guide, you will scope to learn more intense hands-on training at the field level.

How to Be a Good Apprentice Plumber

To become a good apprentice plumber, you need to have skills and patience. The apprenticeship is a learning opportunity for you, while you want to be a master plumber. In this program, you will communicate with other plumbers, and being a team player is essential. You have to learn how to repair existing plumbing, install large steel pipes, follow blueprints, and ensure the projects meet building codes, you just need to communicate with the master plumber of the project.

Can an Apprentice Plumber Work Alone?

An Apprentice Plumber is focused on earning a set number of training hours each calendar year under the supervision of a skilled and professional master plumber.

An Apprentice Plumber cannot work alone unless he has passed his apprenticeship requirements during the intern projects.

Apprenticeship program, where you have acquired the qualifications and work experience. After completing the program, you will work as a plumber alone.

You have to appear at the state exam qualification and earn a license to start working on independent plumbing projects. When you start a plumbing project, you get experience, which helps you next projects alone.

Potential career prospects completing an Apprenticeship program:

After completing an apprenticeship program, you will get various career opportunities in the plumbing industry. Once you obtain the license of a journeyman, you can work alone. Working as a fully qualified plumber and getting experience in different areas like residential plumbing, commercial plumbing licenses, and skills are important. After working in various areas like the gas line, pipe fitting, drainage systems, etc in the housing, commercial space industry office space

Apprentice plumber job description sample:

We share a sample of the Apprentice plumber job description. From this sample description, you can get a good idea about what employers are looking for. When employers hire for this position in the plumbing sector, what do they need?

Job Summary:

We are looking for an aspiring dynamic skilled talented plumber to join our team as an apprentice plumber for our expertise team. You have to have the skills necessary to become a journeyman by working with a master plumber. As you get experience, you must begin to complete some duties like clearing clogged pipes, installing plumbing fixtures, and completing some responsibilities with independently or the help of supervision.

Your duties for you to identify drain issues, install plumbing fixtures, and clear concept of blueprints. Before applying for this post, you have to have a valid driver’s license. An Apprentice plumber candidate has to ability to lift over 50 lbs, knowledge of proficiency with basic tools of plumbing and fitting tools, and a blueprint of the plumbing industry.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Identify issues with drains or sewers of plumbing

Perform cleaning and unclogging services in the plumbing industry.

Install or assemble plumbing fixtures of tools

Provide cost estimates regularly

Requirements and qualifications

High school diploma or GED certificate

Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation

Ability to lift over 50 lbs

Quick learner

Familiar with common hand tools



Willing to work as a team player

Ability to quickly respond

Apprentice plumber’s Resume skills and keywords:

For apprentice plumbers, who are interested in improving their skills and increasing their salary, this part is for you. You must demonstrate that you are the most qualified candidate for an Apprentice plumber of the position. How can you do it? Obviously continuing to earn experience with working. You also learn academic qualifications and develop skills, and volunteer opportunities will help you get an Apprentice plumber position. Make a quality resume mentioning skills, responsibilities, duties, license, institutional certificate, and Apprentice plumber apprenticeship course.

Mention top skills in job descriptions:

For developing your resume, mention the top skills that you have earned experience in working plumber industry.


Customer Service

Fitting pipes



Licensed Plumber


Communications Skills

Mechanical Skills

Blueprint Reading

Knowledge of state’s regulations and building codes

Before applying for an Apprentice Plumber job

Before applying, you ensure your resume is perfect as the employer’s needs at the time of hiring an apprentice plumber. Using all the keywords in your resume, your resume’s appearance will be increasing. The possibility of getting a job also will increase.

Apprentice Plumber salary:

The average hourly rate is $20.13 for an Apprentice Plumber in the United States on 10 May 2024. The average salary range of an Apprentice Plumber may vary from location to location as well as based on skills to skills and years of experience

Top 10 Highest Paying cities for Plumber Apprentice Salary in the USA:

We have identified 10 cities where the average salary for an apprentice plumber is high. We have listed the top 10 cities with high-paying apprentice plumbers;

City in the USAAnnual RangeMonthly RangeWeekly RangeHourly Wage
Berkeley, CA$53,670$4,472$1,032$25.80
Rancho Murieta, CA$52,303$4,358$1,005$25.15
Daly City, CA$50,793$4,232$976$24.42
Keystone, CO$50,040$4,170$962$24.06
Roslyn Estates, NY$49,911$4,159$959$24.00
San Mateo, CA$49,260$4,105$947$23.68
Irvine, CA$49,141$4,095$945$23.63
Bolinas, CA$48,926$4,077$940$23.52
Orange, CA$48,904$4,075$940$23.51
Richmond, CA$48,900$4,075$940$23.1
Top 10 Highest Paying cities for apprentice plumber jobs in the USA

Top 5 best paying Plumber Apprentice Salary jobs in the USA

We have also listed also top 5 best paying related Apprentice plumbers in the USA, you may choose the job. The top 5 related apprentice plumber jobs are in the table in following;

Job Title of PlumberAnnual RangeMonthly salaryWeekly salaryHourly salary
Master Plumber$80,053$6,671$1,539$38.49
Tradesman Plumber$74,253$6,187$1,427$35.70
Construction Plumber$71,605$5,967$1,377$34.43
Residential Plumber$71,534$5,961$1,375$34.39
Journeyman Plumber$69,723$5,810$1,340$33.52
Top 5 best paying related Plumber Apprentice Salary jobs in the USA


What is an Apprentice plumber? And how much do they make a salary? Already we have explained it. You have to participate apprenticeship plumber program. Driver’s license, vocational school diploma certificate.

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