Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2024

Are you searching for the best Business Ideas in Bangladesh in 2024? If your answer is yes, this blog post will be very important for you. In this post, we will explore the newest, smallest, and unique business ideas, which are trending online in Bangladesh. The business concepts in Bangladesh have changed significantly recently.

After the coronavirus pandemic, Bangladesh has turned into an economic development truck. Although there is a dollar crisis in Bangladesh now. The GDP of the country is exactly perfect. In this time, the Bangladesh Government has taken initiatives for a wide range of commercial options. Some economic zones are set up for economic development, where a large number of foreign companies produce commodities.

Business Ideas in Bangladesh

1. Fish Farming, Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Business Ideas in Bangladesh
Business ideas in Bangladesh

If you have no land, you may lease some water-land from personal property or Government property like canal, and water-field. Choose from a variety of fish species, as well as carp, shrimp, tilapia, and grass carp, to cater to diverse customer’s preferences. So fish farming is one of the most prominent Business Ideas in Bangladesh.

2. Poultry Farming:

In Bangladesh agriculture, poultry has taken up a large number of rooms. Chicken farming can be one of the best business ideas in Bangladesh. The Low price of poultry farming chicken, a high demand for it. Poultry farming offers an effective, and sustainable business opportunity. For the establishment of a sustainable poultry farm, you have to adhere to quality standards, and hygienic products to grow the traditional poultry farming.

3. Vegetable Cultivation:

The land of Bangladesh is very fertile, where cultivation is very suitable. This fertile land helps us to grow vegetables, which opens up a vast market for various vegetables. Green fruits, leafy greens, root vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, etc. 

4. Dairy production:

Bangladesh has a long area of plain land, where you may cultivate grass for cows. Dairy production is one of the best business ideas in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi appetites for milk and milk-related products. Producing dairy can be a lucrative way of earning for you. For this, you have to ensure animal farms. Farming animals and hygiene practices meet the demand of the nation’s dairy.

5. Book store:

Are you searching for exclusive small business ideas in your territory? If your answer is yes, then the most convenient way will be a bookstore. A bookstore is essential for rural students, teachers, and bookworms. A bookworm, can’t help reading a book for a single day, so he must need books.

They will be regular customers of your bookstore, as books are their bosom friends. You should have various categories of books like academic books, storybooks, novels, science fiction, drama, law and jurisprudence, arts and culture, history, economics, and politics related like

According to a source of the report, it is said that “In 2021, the revenue has already been earned around $820 million in the USA”


Advice; before opening a bookstore, you should plan according to your budget, infrastructure, location of store, shop opening time, supply of books, and supply of electricity.

6. Electric Charging Stations:

Nowadays electric charging stations are very popular in Bangladesh. Already Bangladesh has gone into the era of electric car charging. So it can be one of the best business ideas in Bangladesh. There is not an available electric charging station every here and there, so it is a scope for you to set up an electric charging station. If you start an electric charging station business, it will be an effective business for you.


 The budget for starting an electric car charging station will vary from one to another, it needs almost $500 to $1000 to install the electric car charging machine. The profit will be 20% of the margin through this business, which is enough for a new buddy. IT will increase when you invest more.

7. YouTube Content Creation:

YouTube content creation can be a good idea for you. YouTube is a video-sharing platform, where anyone can create an account with an Email ID and a mobile number. After completion of the account, you need to edit enter-active videos. Upload your video to the YouTube channel.

When viewers will watch your video, and fill up monetization conditions such as 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, you can apply for monetization. After monetization, you can earn from YouTube page ads. You can create a Gaming channel, daily vlog channel, tech channel, food channel, and tech review channel. 

8. Affiliate Marketing:

To earn online income, you have to have enough traffic on a web page, like a website, blog site, YouTube channel, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and Instagram. Some companies’ names of affiliate programs are Amazon dot com, Alibaba dot com, and Bikroy dot com which offer affiliate programs for promoting products. 

9. Blogging:

Blogging can be also one of the best business ideas in Bangladesh. You, who are writing forte, Blogger offers you an effective platform for earning online income from your blog posts. What-every, you are an expert in a particular field, technology, teaching, gardening, health, insurance, banking, etc.

At first, you have to create a blog site, that attracts a loyal readership. You can monetize your blog site by advertising with Google AdSense, Affiliate programs, and online courses. It is possible to earn $300-$1000 in every month.

10. Grocery Shop, Business Ideas in Bangladesh

We are happy to introduce unique business ideas in Bangladesh. Grocery can be a simple way of effective business way. In our daily lives, groceries are part and parcel. Therefore are a huge amount of customers for grocery products. You can set up a grocery shop in your territory. 

Now, that technology has expanded, you can use it to increase business using Google Trends. The competition in the grocery business is tough, so you need to create a business plan. Focus on your plan, determine your budget, and identify your location. After that, apply for a bank account. Collect money from bank loans and other sources. After that, start your entrepreneur.  

11. Pet Grooming, Business Ideas in Bangladesh

We can see in the statistics- “the growth rate is 5.7% from 2019 to 2025, and the global market value is around $9.9 billion”, which is great. 

You have to create well plan for the crate pet grooming business. Set up a budget, collect money, select a suitable place, and start your pet grooming business.

12. Ice Cream Shop, Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Ice cream shop is one of the most popular business ideas in Bangladesh. Children, girls, and college-going students like ice cream. Although this is a sessional business, because, in the winter session, somebody does not like ice cream, this is the down period of the business. Before starting an ice cream shop, you need a good plan, such as selecting a proper location, budget, and source of money. In the summer session, it will be sold so much.


The unique business ideas in Bangladesh, which are effective and trending 2024, we have explored for you. Which of the idea is suitable for you, can you share rest of the best ideas. Thank you for reading the post, visit our site. Explore more valuable post

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