Types of Digital Marketing, Which are Effective in 2024

Digital marketing is the newest and most effective strategic initiative for brand awareness. Many corporate organizations have moved to online business. Nowadays consumers like to know information about products that they want to purchase, the strategy of digital marketing can boost your products and increase brand awareness, and will help you touch your audience through the channels that they are touching with. Before exploring the types of digital marketing, we should know what digital marketing is.

Let’s dive into the digital marketing arena.

What is Digital marketing?

8 Types of Digital Marketing

Identify the best digital marketing channel that may work for your business promotion and brand awareness, here are the top 10 effective digital marketing types. Pick up the best one and apply for business promotion.

1.   Content Marketing, Best Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing

Content must be published regularly with researched keywords. Keyword research is an important parts of content writing, which help to rank your online business.

Reliable and informative content can manage a room in the audience.


1.   Content marketing is free of cost

2.   Content helps to build your brand awareness

3.   It can engage your audience with your business

4.   It enhances other types of digital marketing


1.   The competition in content marketing is high.

2.   Valuable content writing is costly

3.   Google algorithm is too complex

2.   Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is the main strategy for digital marketing. Without search engine optimization no other types of digital marketing work perfectly. The Search engine is the core point of digital marketing. Google uses algorithms to rank a website. There are over 2 hundred factors for ranking a website. So as a digital marketer, you understand the system of Search Engine Optimization to promote a business.


1.   SEO helps the brand visibility

2.   It is cost-effective, then PPC

3.   SEO result comes organically

4.   It results long-lasting


1.      SEO result comes from backlinks, content, and technology

2.      Google changes its algorithm almost every year in the middle of your work.

3.      SEO result comes gradually.

3. Search engine Marketing:

Search engine Marketing refers to paid ads like Google Ads and Facebook ads that appear at the top of the search result. The number of traffic you get depends on the cost of these ads. Typically cost depends on the number of clicks on the link of ads called pay-per-click. Search engine marketing result comes rapidly. It’s paid work.


1.   It pushes a top rank rapidly

2.   SEO marketing time saving

3.   It is preferable to digital marketers


1.    SEO marketing most of the time expensive

2.   Popular keywords are costly

3.   Most people skip ads and don’t convert to web pages.

4.   Google likes to rank an organic traffic-based website

4. Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is another significant type of digital marketing that can be efficient for any digital marketers. Using social media channels, digital marketing gets better results in online business. Now Facebook is a popular social media platform. Like Facebook, another social media site can be an effective way of lead conversion to web pages. Which social media platform do you use?  The answer is the core factor of the type of engagement you reach on the web page.  


1.   SMM can convert a high percentage of the audience.

2.   it’s engagement quickly

3.   Its results multiply such as audience likes, comments, shares, follows, and subscribes.


1.   Social media is a challenging platform.

2.   The algorithms of social media platforms are not static.

3.   Changeable core ranking factors

4.   All social media use ads for ranking, so they do not rank organically at the first stage.

5. Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

Working with an influencer is a very effective way of digital marketing. An influencer has a lot of traffic, he can easily promote a product. They can reach a large audience quickly as they already have face value. It can be one of the most effective digital marketing ways.


1.   Influencers have an existing audience already.

2.   Conduct with them and get rapid results.


1.   They have a high amount of dollar

2.   Decide on the right influence for your web business.

6. Email marketing:

Email is another important effective way of digital marketing. When an audience visits a website or business page, force them to join an email or contact form. By submitting the form, you email them about your products. Although many of us realize the importance of Email marketing, it is a fruitful way of digital marketing.


1.   Getting repeat customer

2.   Staying with customers

3.   Conversion rate high


1.   It is not a positive attitude

2.   Most of the time customers do not click on the mail

3.   It is difficult to add value to online business. 

7. Mobile Marketing, Effective Types of Digital Marketing

According to Google research, about 27% of people use mobile voice search worldwide. The number of mobile users in the world is rising exponentially. Digital marketers should use this huge number of mobile users.

Digital marketers promote a product using mobile ads because most of the viewers are mobile users.

When we use Google Analytics, we can see the traffic’s information like the source of the traffic, gender of the traffic, age of the traffic, and country of the traffic.

So, a digital marketer must use mobile marketing types of marketing.


1.     Unlimited customers

2.     Customers use mobile more than desktop and other device

3.     Mobile marketing is less expensive


1.     The screen of the mobile is narrow compared to the desktop

2.     Low click rate on Mobile ads

3.     Most of the people skip promotional ads

8. Video Marketing, Best Types of Digital Marketing

In the present world, Video content is popular, compared to the other types of digital marketing. Video is more enjoyable than a blog post. It can engage viewer’s long time, and convert leads to the website.

As a digital marketer, you should have a YouTube channel, because video content is watchable and reliable to customers. By video marketing, brand awareness can be promoted quickly. So you focus on it.

It is said that over 2 million people watch videos for something, and it can be a prospective customer for your business. I think it is the best marketing channel. 


1.     Video content can touch customer’s emotions.

2.     It is more realizable than a blog post or image

3.     Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn encourage uploading video content to increase engagement and rank. 


1.     Video content is very challenging to get the viewer’s attention

2.     Creating high-quality is costly.

3.     Viewers do not want low-quality video content  

Use different types of marketing, why?

Are you a digital marketer? It is no matter, which stage your business is, use different types of digital marketing strategies, your business will get a boost. For your business, use social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and Google ads to expand your products among your audience. Once you have created authority by establishing a fan base for your content, they increase your reach, brand, and loyalty.

The future of Digital marketing:


Digital marketing is an effective strategy of marketing, which can increase brand awareness. There are various types of digital marketing like content marketing, marketing, email marketing, and so on.

We have discussed about top 8 types of digital marketing, which are more effective nowadays for business promotion, Visit our site to read more informative content like this, thank you for reading our post.

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