Mental Health Awareness Month, Tips for Healthier and Happier Life

What is Mental Health Awareness Month? Life is not a bed of roses, it can be stressful at a time. To be mentally fit, we must take care of our mental health. Although, we can’t take a rest for our mental happiness. If we can change small, and simple habits, and mindset of our daily life, that will be meaningful, and positive effects on our mental and physical in the short term and long-term period

Mental Health Awareness Month

1. Walking 30 minutes For Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month
Mental Health Awareness Month

Walking regularly is not only a physical exercise but also a mental refreshment. Walking in the morning can be effective for brain health. Brain health and walking interact with each other.

When you walk in the morning, it will keep your lungs as well as your mental health. So, you should walk 30 minutes a day.

2. Listen to the birds chirping For Mental Health Awareness Month

Listening to the birds chirping, along with walking in nature is beneficiary to brain health. When you are walking some time, take in the sight and chirping of birds. The chirping of birds can relieve your mental weakness. If you are in the town side, there is no scope for the chirping of birds, you may play birds’ chirping sounds on your smart speaker.

According to research, it is shown that the chirping of birds, as well as interaction with nature, helps improve our mental health. Nature king bird’s chirping is the eternal source of healing benefits. We can say that listening to short birdsong, like chirping, for just 6 minutes can relieve you’re depression and anxiety.

3. Reading Book For Mental Health Awareness Month

Reading books is a good habit, which is a special hailing to our mental health. Every day you should read a minimum of fifty pages of book. Gradually, it will be a habit, a part of your life, which will reduce your depression. While you are deeply reading a book, you’re thinking only about the plot of the book. A good book can be the best friend of your life.

4. Caring for Your Teeth:

You have to fit in physically to be mentally fit. Now, teeth are one of the important parts of the human body, so we must care for our teeth. It is said that what goes in our mouth, what goes in our brain. That means taking food directly affects our brain. So, oral health may be the key factor in keeping mental freshness. Brush and floss each day will help mental health awareness. 

5. Sleeping Enough:

Sleeping is one of the significant elements of keeping good mental health wealth. If your sleeping time is not enough, it directly affects your mental health. Proper sleep can reduce depression, which is very important to keep a cool brain. Well, sleeping brings strength, and power of work, and physical happiness. So, we should sleep enough time to be physically healthier and mentally happier.

6. Activeness:

Working is another significant element for mentally fresh. When you are working all the time one after another, depression can’t teach your brain. So, engagement with daily activities is the hailing of mental weakness. Activeness can reduce anxiety because when you are at work, there is no depression in the brain. So, you should be active and engage with duties and responsibilities.

7. Participate in Social Work:

Participation in social work is very important. When you participate in social activities, your mind will be full of happiness. Social work is a voluptuary work. So, there are some benefits of participation in social work.

  • Activeness
  • Share ideas with others
  • Work for helpless people
  • Talkative to others
  • Refreshment
  • Reduce depression

8. Problem solving:

9. Eat Vegetables:

Mental happiness and physical fitness are directly related to each other’s. For physical fitness, vegetables play a vital role. Eating vegetables helps you to be physically fresh. It directly affects your mental happiness. It is said that eating vegetables forms the brain. So you should avoid red meat and eat vegetables every day.

9. Breathing exercise:

For mental health awareness breathing exercises is an effective way. Just 5 minutes a day, do breathing exercise, which enhances your mental health, as well as physical health. At first, you inhale through the nose breathing expanding your lungs. You have to inhale to fill the lungs again and again. When you do breathing exercises few days, it will slow down your breathing. It is very significant for mental health awareness.

10. Early to Bed, Early to Rise:

It is a common proverb that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthier, and happier. So, you should go to bed, and early to rise. Sleeping late at night hampers your natural sleep which increases your depression. On the other hand, beauty sleep will improve your mental health awareness.

11. Avoid Tobacco and alcohol:

Tobacco and alcohol are responsible for mental disease. It decreases the ability to work. The men who take tobacco and alcohol, are called addicted. So you should not only tobacco and alcohol but also tobacco-addicted men. Because they are mentally disordered. They are devoid of common sense. They should get treatment for it. You must avoid the tobacco for mental health awareness.  

What is the color of mental illness?

Who started Mental Health Awareness Month?

Is there a flag for mental health?

The mental health awareness color is green ribbon. And this is why green is the base of the flag. The design of the flag for mental health awareness reflects a sunrise and the shift from dark to light through brighter shades of color. These shades of flag color also represent the various states of our emotional or psychological life in the United States of America.


Mental Health Awareness Month is observed in May, which started in 1949 in the United States of America. Having mentally fresh we should care about our brain and mental health. Thank you for reading the post, visit the site to explore more valuable content. Source:

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