Can I use the Indian Rupee in Singapore, SGD to INR


 1.00 Singapore Dollar =

61.693944 Indian Rupees

1 INR = 0.0162090 SGD

Indians called in Singapore

Can I use the Indian Rupee in Singapore
Can I use the Indian Rupee in Singapore

After coming to Singapore, they have been living there since that time. Now who are living, are usually born locally, are known as ‘Singaporean Indians’.

The Indians, who had come to Singapore in the past, they have been second, third, fourth, or even fifth generations, have been descendants of settlers from the Indian subcontinent. Many of them have little connection with the latter, some others have no.

Where is located Little India?

Little India, which is also known as Indian Street, India Bazaar, or India Town. It is located outside of the Indian or Indian subcontinent in a sociocultural environment.

Especially it indicates the area with a significant concentration of South Asian residents and a diverse collection of Indian businesses, there are many Indian businessmen. There are so many Hindu temples, mosques, and gurdwaras in Little India.

Various cultural programs, national days, and religious festivals they organize.

The citizens of Little India are microcosms of India. Little India often attracts tourists, Indian Cuisine, Indian culture, Indian clothing, Indian music, and Indian movies.

Can I use the Indian Rupee in Singapore?

What are 5 traditional foods in Singapore?

Singapore is a city-state, which is the most developed country in not only Asia but also in the world. The culture of Singapore is a mix of vibrant and heritage. Singaporean local foods are delicious and taste. We have found 5 traditional foods in Singapore. 

There are the top 5 traditional foods in Singapore:


Kuih Lopes

Putu Piring

Tau Huay

Conclusion-Can I use the Indian Rupee in Singapore:

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