Convert Singapore dollar To Bangladesh Taka

Singapore dollar To Bangladesh taka Rate:

SGD to BDT =87.0085 BD

1 Singapore Dollar = 87.0085 Bangladeshi taka

 1 Bangladeshi taka = 0.0115 Singapore Dollar

Calculate Singapore dollar To Bangladesh taka:

Recently, Singapore Dollar rate has increased conversion rate to Bangladeshi local currency taka. So, the Singapore Dollar remitters of Bangladeshi workers check the Singapore Dollar to Bangladeshi taka exchange rate before remitting your earning.

This currency calculator allows you to calculate real exchange rates, as well as the current rate of the currency. The using of currency calculator is very easy. So, our recommendation is before exchanging your dollar, check the current exchange rates.

Singapore dollar To Bangladesh taka
Singapore dollar To Bangladesh taka
                           Dollar Rate Last 30 daysDollar Rate Last 90 days
HighlightAverage82.51290 Days
Singapore dollar Bangladesh taka

Please, the remitters of Bangladesh, check the current exchange rate of Singapore Dollar to Bangladeshi Taka. We have figured out last 30 days, in addition to last 90 days and the average rate of same time.

Singapore’s Currency before Independent:

Independent Singapore’s Currency:

In 1965, Singapore became an independent country known as the Republic of Singapore. After the independence of Singapore, the government of it established a Board of Commissioners of Currency, which had issued the Singapore Dollar. The first Banknotes was issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 1967

Singapore Dollar Statistics Table

Currency NameSingapore Dollar
Currency Symbol$
Currency Minor Unit1/100 Cent
Currency Minor Unit SymbolS¢  
Top SGD ConversionSGD to USD
Profile of Singapore Dollar
Nickname of Singapore DollarSing
Coins Used in SingaporeBank Notes of Singapore  Freq used; S¢5, S¢10, S¢20, S¢50, $1  
Rarely UsedS¢1
Bank Notes of SingaporeBank Notes of Singapore Freq Used; $2 $5, $10, $20. Rarely used Bank Notes of Singapore; $1, $20, $25, $100, $500, $1000, $10,000
Name of Central BankMonetary Authority of Singapore
Central Bank UsersSingapore
Singapore dollar To Bangladesh taka

Bangladeshi Taka Statistics Table

Currency NameBangladeshi Taka
Currency SymbolTK
Currency Minor Unit1/100
Currency Minor Unit SymbolPoisha
Top SGD ConversionBDT to USD
Bangladeshi Take Profile
Coins Used in BangladeshFreq;Tk1,Tk2, Tk5, Tk10
Rarely Used Coins in Bangladesh Poisha1, Poisha5, Poisha10, Poisha25, Poisha50
Bank Notes of BangladeshFreq Used Bank Notes; Tk2, Tk5,Tk10,Tk20,Tk50,Tk100,Tk500,Tk1000
Name of Central BankBangladesh Bank
Central Bank UsersBangladesh
Singapore dollar Bangladesh taka

Singapore dollar

Bangladeshi taka

At first, in 1977, 50Tk banknotes were issued, following by Tk500 note in 1979 and 20Tk note in 1982. In 1992, 1 treasury notes were issued until 1992.

1 Singapore dollar= Bangladeshi taka Conversion Rate:

Singapore dollar To Bangladesh taka

1 Singapore dollar To Bangladesh taka Conversion Rate:

1 Singapore dollar= Bangladeshi Taka

SerialSingapore DollarBangladeshi Taka
11 BDT0.01 SGD
25 BDT0.058 SGD
310 BDT0.12 SGD
420 BDT0.23 SGD
525 BDT0.29 SGD
650 BDT0.58 SGD
7100 BDT1.16  SGD
8150 BDT1.73 SGD
9200 BDT2.31 SGD
10250 BDT2.89 SGD
11300 BDT3.47 SGD
12350 BDT4.04 SGD
13400 SGD4.62 SGD
14450 BDT5.20 SGD
15500 BDT5.78 SGD
161000 BDT11.56 SGD
175000 BDT57.79 SGD
1810,000 BDT115.57 SGD
1915,000 BDT173.36 SGD
2020,000 BDT231.14 SGD
2125,000 BDT288.93 SGD
2230,000 BDT346.71 SGD
2335,000 BDT404.50 SGD
2440,000 BDT462.28 SGD
2550,000 BDT577.86 SGD
Singapore dollar Bangladesh taka

Conclusion-Singapore dollar To Bangladesh taka

They remitted Singapore Dollar every month to Bangladesh, which converted to Bangladeshi Taka. The remitters of the Singapore, yours security is our main purpose of the post. If you think, the post is valuable, share the post. Explore the site for more valuable post, and at last loving for dears all Source of the Post Wise.

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