How to Live Cheaply in Singapore, A Guide to living Singapore

Singapore Living cost (estimated):

  • A person monthly cost in Singapore $1519 without rent.
  • A family of 2 member in Singapore monthly cost $3000 without rent.
  • A family of 4 member in Singapore monthly cost $5000 without rent.
  • Singapore is expensive more than 220% of Dhaka without rent.

Guide to effective and cheap ways to live, eat, shop, play, entertain, and get around Singapore in this article. So, let’s start to explore the cheapest ways to live in Singapore.

There are some back needs like;

  • Cheap Eat
  • Comfortable living place
  • Clothing to ware
  • Treatment and Medicine
  • Travel to Go Outing
  • Play Ground
  • Entertainment
  • Public Transport

Using Public Transport:

How to Live Cheaply in Singapore
How to Live Cheaply in Singapore

Public transport in Singapore is comparatively cheap from other cities. Although, 2 to 5 cents of public transport fares are increased.

In Singapore, a 10km train trip and bus trip fares are $1.33 to $1.48, which is cheaper than;

New York City=$3.28

Hong Kong=$1.67 to $2.92


This is comparatively cheaper than other cities in the world. So, don’t hesitate to take public transport. Public transports save your monthly transport fare.  

Take on Free Shuttle Buses:

When you are in Singapore for the first time, you have to plan to save some Dollars. Use the free shuttle service.

Parkway Parade in Marine Parade takes shoppers on public holidays or weekends from Bedok and Sengkang, at this time you catch a ride from Clifford Pier.

Take Taxi During Off-Peak Hours:

If you want to live cheaply in Singapore city, you must avoid taking a taxi. When you have no alternative way to a taxi, you can take a taxi during off-peak hours.

How to Live Cheaply in Singapore Eat at home:

If you want to live cheaply in Singapore, you have to cook in your home. When you can cook at home save some Dollars at the end of the month and it will be nutritious and fresh food.

So, I think so, you should eat at home at least twice a day to save your monthly income.  

Plain Prata:

A plain prata will cost you just $0.80. While you are a low earner, so you have to consider your food. For a low budget, you will eat potatoes and vegetables at hawker centers and coffee shops. 

Where you May get cheap and good food.

At 803 King George’s Avenue, Deen Restaurant sells this kind of cheap prata at .80 Dollars which is on average $1.

Eat Noodles:

The people, who want to live cheaply in Singapore may eat fish-ball noodles at Le Gong Noodle House at Block 216, Bedok North Street, and hawker stalls.

Mixed Rice.

The people, who want to live cheaply in Singapore may eat mixed rice at low cost with vegetables and one meat cost $2.50.

You may eat mixed rice for low-cost Fei Zai Vegetable Rice Porridge at Maxwekk Food Center in Kadayanllur Street in Singapore. The price of mixed rice is lower than of average of $3.

Drink Soya Bean at $0.30

Are you thinking about living in Singapore at a cheap, then you may drink Soya bean at a cheap cost of just $0.30. 

At the hawker stalls corner of the street, you can drink soybean juice. There is nothing as cheap as it, because in the fruit shop or food outlets a glass of drinking water price is more than of it.

Comfortable living place

How to Live Cheaply in Singapore-Rent with share:

You are not by birth residence of Singapore. You have come recently to Singapore, so you have no idea how to rent a flat for living cheap. Discuss it with a senior or familiar with you.

Are you already appointed by a company, which has no accommodation for workers?

How to Live Cheaply in Singapore-Medical Subsidies:

There are some medical subsidies only for Singaporean ID card holders. If you are a citizen of Singapore, then you take this subsidy like Medisave




Citizens of Singapore, who are lower and middle-income holders have some medical health assistant scheme for the community or Chas.

Free or Low-Cost Treatment:

The Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic offers acupuncture and certain Chinese medicine services and they also provide Chinese medical services. By costing $1 you can register for treatment.

There is a website of clinic and the web link is here. There are some branches of clinics in areas like Tanjong Pagar, Sembawang, and Jurong.

Take a walk in the park:

In the park, there is sprawling for visitors to sit, and bask in the sunlight. Some the people watch play their dogs. You can visit the Botanic Gardens Park for free of cost.  


Walk around Singapore #instawalks:

 Discovering Special scenarios of nature and natural beauty share the sounds and sights with others on Instagram. 

The Ministry of National Development provides transport, guides, and refreshments for exploring natural beauty. 

The part of the campaign of it, #instawalk was to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in January this year.

Free Gate Pass Haw Par Villa:

As the part of Singapore Tourism Board, it has made a good comeback. 

Tourism Board of Singapore’s Tourism50 campaign has been encouraging visitors, tourists, and Singaporeans to visit this place by offering free gate passes to Haw Par Villa.

How to Live Cheaply in Singapore-Shopping at a cheap rate:

While you are looking for cheap shopping in Singapore, before going to shop you have to plan. Where you to go. In which market do you get cheap products? This is the main factor. 

You have to bargain with the shopkeeper. Going outside of the city, village, or Far East Plaza and stores in the neighborhood, you may shop for cheap dresses or products.

Workout Exercise: 

Singapore government has been an initiative for public workout exercise facilities. Where you can exercise to burn fat without paying a cent even if you are a non-residence worker in Singapore. 

As a low-income earner, you shouldn’t get paid gym membership, rather than go to public fitness centers in local areas. By spending just $1 for admission to the public swimming pool at the weekend.  

If you have a weakness in badminton, you can book for just $3 to $9 an hour at the community center. However, the booking rate depends on the peak period or off-pick period. In the evening, weekends, and the passion Card can differ the badminton court booking rate.

When you are in Singapore, have enough alternative facilities for playing sports like badminton, basketball, and soccer. 

In your neighborhoods, you may find some free badminton courts, basketball courts, and also soccer courts.

As these facilities are free to book, these are so popular and that way be sure to book earlier.  

Enjoy SEA Games Without Paying:

From June 5 to June 16 total of 11-day SEA games are held on the 31 competition venues in 3 clusters in Kallang, Marina Bay, and the Singapore Expo area. 

To enjoy the SEA Games without paying, you have to collect free tickets to watch sports like athletics, tennis, and blowing the upcoming SEA Games. 

This is the practice session so, it is open for all. As you want to live in Singapore cheaply, so you may enjoy these types of facilities.

Conclusion: How to Live Cheaply in Singapore

If you follow these guide, you can live cheaply in Singapore. Our recommendation is avoid rough using of Dollars even not a single cent. Ok, thank you reading the post. If the think, this post is informative, you may share. Thank you for reading the post.


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