Top Construction Companies in Singapore 2024

We are going to explore to top Construction Companies in Singapore 2024. Singapore has become the soul of infrastructure and architecture development in South Asia.

Behind this development, construction companies in Singapore have played a vital role. The effectiveness of construction companies in Singapore is the core of this progress of infrastructural development. Construction Companies in Singapore 2024, We are going to explore to top Construction Companies who have designed and redesigned the infrastructure development.

Singapore is a hub of advanced technological construction companies, Singapore is home to businesses, where companies work on projects from skyscrapers to residential complexes. Each of the projects reflects their commitment to excellence and innovation. In this post, we explore the best construction companies in Singapore and why they are the best in Singapore’s architectural and infrastructure sector.

Singapore Construction Industry 2024

Construction Companies in Singapore
Construction Companies in Singapore

In this report, we can see that the construction industry in Singapore is expected to grow, with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) expecting total annual construction demand to be between S$25 billion and S$32 billion in the years 2024 to 2027.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is also expecting anticipation of the public sector to lead this demand of the construction industry. The demand for the Private sector in Cross Island Line and hospital developments will be unchanged in the construction industry in Singapore. In the reports, we can see that their contribution will be approximately S$11 billion to S$14 billion in the same period.

Transformation and Challenges of Construction Companies in Singapore:

Singapore has taken the initiative of Green Plan 2030 for improved efficiency and sustainability, the construction industry is adopting digitalization measures and aligning with initiatives for development.

Cost and Labor Dynamics:

Increasing construction costs, especially for materials like steel, concrete, and other building materials is a significant concern for construction companies. Construction companies are adapting to a new environment of infrastructure.

Market Size and Key Players:

The construction industry in Singapore is substantially large. The various segments of the industry like commercial, office, retail, hospitality, and industrial infrastructure. Some contractors and prominent figures in the industry play a significant role. They are dominant in the construction industry in Singapore.

Top Construction Companies in Singapore

Singapore’s construction industry is dominating in the Asian construction sector. There are some talented and innovative contractors in the construction industry in Singapore, who are playing important roles in developing the construction companies.

There are some digitally developed, with some emphasis on green infrastructure construction in Singapore.

We are exploring the top construction companies in Singapore that are famous in the industry.

1. Kimly- Construction Companies in Singapore 2024

Kimly Construction is one of the best construction companies in Singapore. It was founded in 1965 and began with Alteration and additional works managed by the Singapore Public Works Department.

After the foundation, it quickly achieved a reputation by doing good quality work with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

At this time Kimly Construction gets some projects from the Public Works Department. Kimly Construction was incorporated in 1985.

it was at the forefront of undertaking Design and Build projects, which were adopted by private developers and government agencies in Singapore in the 1990s.

Career Kimly Construction:

Kimly is constantly looking for talented and hardworking individuals to join their innovative team. They appointed enormous talented graduates to their projects.

Location and Contact:

3 New Industrial Road,

#05-01/02 Kimly Building

Singapore 536197

T: +65 6280 1755

F: +65 6280 2755

Website Address:

Soilbuild Construction Group

 Mr. Lim Chap Huat, and Mr. Fong Ying Wah, and Mr. Lee Choon Bu established In 1976, Soil-Build (Pte.) Ltd. Mr. Fong Ying Wah, and Mr. Lee Choon Bu are the co-founder of the construction company SoilBuild.

They manage and deliver various construction projects including industrial buildings, factories, and warehouses.

Soilbuild has won five times the Singapore Enterprise 50 awards. This is the most prestigious business and entrepreneurial ranking of the top winners in 1998.

In 2000, Soilbuild Construction completed the construction of its first high-residential project in Singapore, which is employee-friendly.

In 2009, Soil-Build (Pte.) Ltd. was graded A1 under CW01 (General Building) by BCA in the Singapore construction industry.

In 2011, Soilbuild Construction secured its first public housing project in Tampines from the HDB which was the best achievement for Soilbulid.


23 Defu South Street 1

Singapore 533847 Rolex Replica Watches


[email protected]


T (65) 6542 2882

F (65) 6543 1818


CPC Construction Pte Ltd

CPC Construction Pte Ltd is one of the most effective and digitalized building & civil construction companies. It was incorporated in The Republic of Singapore on 11th September 2007, after that it has been working for infrastructure development in Singapore.

They are providing competitive yet reasonable price of quotations to all clients like private and government agencies in Singapore for constructions building.

They are committed to achieving a high standard of quality, health, safety, and the environment with – ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 & ISO14001:2015 certified, and this differentiates them from others. 

CPC Construction Pte Ltd is also acknowledged as a bizSAFE Partner on 3 January 2015 by the WSH Council and to be a partner of the bizSAFE Community in Singapore infrastructure.

CPC Construction Pte Ltd

Company Registration No.: 200716717K


280, Woodlands Industrial Park E5,

#09-20 Harvest @ Woodlands, Singapore 757322

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 6363 2071/ 6363 2107

Fax: 6363 2501


Lum Chang, Construction Companies in Singapore

Corporate Profile:

Lum Chang has been listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 1984. The Lum Chang group has anticipated in business in property development.

They also has been involved in investment, and interior finishing works in infrastructure and construction industry in Singapore.

VISION of Lum Chang:

The vision of Lum Chang is to be a quality property developer and leading builder in Singapore and South Asia.

MISSION of Lum Chang:

Lum Chang is committed to global sustainability, safety, quality excellence, and value creation for all our stakeholders.

The mission of Lum Chang is to establish partnerships with strategic contractors and deliver projects exceeding clients‘satisfaction. To achieve Clint’s satisfaction is our main goal.


Detailed Resume

14 Kung Chong Road

#08-01 Lum Chang Building

Singapore 159150

Tel: (65) 6273 8888

Fax: (65) 6933 6690 (Human Resources)

Human Resources Enquiries :

[email protected] (Lum Chang Holdings Limited)

[email protected] (Lum Chang Building Contractors Pte Ltd Website

LS2 Design & Construction Pte Ltd

LS2 Design & Construction Pte Ltd was founded in 2003 in Singapore. They create a room, brimming with personality. They are design and construction consultancy-based infrastructure company in Singapore.

They are playing a vital role in the construction industry in Singapore.

Their unique design and consultancy have been differentiated from others in the construction company.


E-mail Us   : [email protected]

Tel.  : +65 6346 7466

Address : 2 Mayo Street, Singapore 208302


LS2 Design & Construction Pte Ltd 6. Wan Chung Construction (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Sim Lian Construction Co (Pte) Ltd

Sim Lian Construction Co (Pte) Ltd has been designing homes for families in Singapore for over 40 years. They have earned an outstanding track record in Singapore’s construction industry. They work for residential, commercial, and industrial development projects in Singapore. They have built up a great portfolio in the construction industry.

Sim Lian Construction Co (Pte) Ltd is leading a strong and strategic management team with talented and invasive guys over 15 decades in the construction industry.

in the creation of a home, they play a significant role in the construction industry in Singapore.


205 Upper Bukit Timah Road

#03-01, Sim Lian

Singapore 588181




Property enquiries

[email protected]

Construction inquiries

[email protected]



(65) 6303 6200


(65) 6769 6617

Bleu @ East Coast


Keppel Ltd, Construction Companies in Singapore

Keppel Ltd is one of the best construction companies in Singapore. Headquartered by Keppel Ltd is situated in Singapore. They are operating construction business and consultancy work in more than 20 countries worldwide.

They are providing critical infrastructure and services for renewables, clean energy, decarburization, sustainable urban renewal, and digital connectivity in the infrastructure industry.

General enquiries

Tel: (65) 6270 6666

Email: [email protected]

Ms Frances Teh


Corporate Communications

Tel: (65) 6413 6437

Email: [email protected]

Keppel Ltd.

1 HarbourFront Avenue

#02-01 Keppel Bay Tower

Singapore 098632


8. K. A Building Construction Pte Ltd

K. A Building Construction Pte Ltd is one of the best construction companies in Singapore. K. A Building Construction Pte Ltd was established in 1987.

Their core competency is vermiculite coating onto structural steel for fire protection in the construction of infrastructure.   

K. A Building Construction Pte Ltd has achieved the strong belief customer satisfaction. They have talented and innovative employees, who are working for shaping future of the K. A Building Construction Pte Ltd. 

K.A. Group Holdings Pte Ltd has some sister concern that are of the following.

  • K. A. Building Construction Pte Ltd
  • K. A. Fireproofing Pte Ltd
  • K. A. Fabric Shutters Pte Ltd
  • K. A. Firelite Pte Ltd
  • K. A. Vermiculite Spray Sdn Bhd

Key Management:


Mr Soh is the founder and Chief Executive Officer, K.A Group.


Ms Caren Soh is the Chief Operating Officer,K.A Group.

Contact to K.A Group:

+65 6747 1747, +65 6747 2579
+65 9238 7257(MS.CAREN SOH)
GENERAL ENQUIRY: [email protected]

9. SATO KOGYO, Construction Companies in Singapore

SATO KOGYO is founded in 1862. It is one of the famous construction companies in Singapore. It plays a vital role for shaping infrastructure future in the construction industry in Singapore.

In 1972, the firm recognized the growing construction companies, who can spread the activities in Asia Pacific region. They are employee-friendly organization. If you want to participate the dynamic team of Sato Kogyo, you may apply for the jobs. There is good work environment and handsome remuneration. The management of the company is energetic, dynamic, polite and co-ordeal to all.

Contact to Sato Kogyo:

  • 149 Rochor Road #04-14/15
  • Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425
  • +65 6336 7333
  • +65 6336 8853
  • [email protected]

ZAP Piling Pte. Ltd.

ZAP Piling is founded in 1989. It has been famous for its expertise in various large-scale projects like Capri Hotel and Bencoolen Station in the infrastructure and construction industry in Singapore.

Their specialization in piling and foundation engineering in construction. Their core piling competence is currently registered under BCA.

Head office of ZAP Piling Pte. Ltd

27WoodlandsIndustria park E1
#02 – 13/14/15 HiangKie Industrial
Building IV (Lobby B), Singapore 757718
Telephone: +65 6365 2282 (8 Lines)
[email protected]

Website ZAP Piling Pte. Ltd:

  • Yau Lee Group
  • Ackcio
  • Tiong Seng
  • Parallel Digital
  • General Systems
  • Tee International
  • Eezee
  • Sama
  • VRCollab
  • CloudJay
  • Geometrid
  • Kusto Group
  • Nucon
  • Lean Station
  • Building and Construction Authority


At last, we can say that the constrictions in Singapore we have discovered in the post are most important in the infrastructure and construction industry. Any of the construction companies you may choose for jobs for building house or industrial complexes.

Thank you for reading the post. If you think, the post you are reading, explore the website for more informative post like this. Thank you for reading the post.   

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