Singapore Dollar to inr, Today’s SGD=INR Conversion Rate

Singapore Dollar to inr= S$1.000 SGD = ₹61.54 INR


Singapore Dollar to inr, S$1.000 SGD = ₹61.54 INR,

S$1.000 SGD = ₹61.54 INR

₹1.000 INR = S$0.01625 SGD

Singapore Dollar to inr (SGD=INR)

Calculate Dollars rate, Singapore Dollar to Indian Rupee (SGD to INR):

Singapore Dollar to inr
Singapore Dollar to inr

Recently, Singapore Dollar rate has increased conversion rate to Indian Rupee (SGD to INR). So, the Singapore Dollar remitters of Indian workers should check the Singapore Dollar to Indian Rupee (SGD to INR) exchange rate before remitting your earning to your family in your country.

Today we use a currency calculator, which is very easy and allows you to calculate real exchange rates, as well as the current rate of the Indian currency INR. So, our recommendation is before exchanging your Dollar, check the current and real Singapore Dollar to Indian Rupee (SGD to INR) exchange rates.

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Dollar Rate Last 30 daysDollar Rate Last 90 days
Singapore Dollar to inr

For our Indian workers, who are working in Singapore Please, check the current exchange rate of Singapore Dollars to Indian Rupee (SGD to INR). We have figured out the last 30 days, in addition to the last 90 days, and the average rate of the same time for your kind information, which is the best opportunity for you.

What is Singapore’s Currency? 

Singapore’s Independence Currency:

Singapore has become an independent country known as the Republic of Singapore. After the independence of Singapore, they constituted a Board of Commissioners of Currency, which had the main challenge to introduce the indolence currency for them.

Singapore Dollar Statistics

Currency NameSingapore Dollar
Currency Symbol$
Currency Minor Unit1/100 Cent
Currency Minor Unit SymbolS¢  
Top SGD ConversionSGD to USD
Profile of Singapore Dollar
Nickname of Singapore Dollar:Sing
Coins:Freq used; Bank Notes of Singapore:  S¢5, S¢10, S¢20, S¢50, $1  
Rarely Used in Singapore:Rarely Used in Singapore:S¢1
Bank Notes of Used in Singapore:Freq Used; Bank Notes of Singapore: $2 $5, $10, $20. And $1, $20, $25, $100, $500, $1000, and $10,000 Rarely used Bank Notes of Singapore;
Name of Central BankMonetary Authority of Singapore
Central Bank UsersSingapore
Singapore Dollar to inr

          Indian Rupee Statistics are bellow

Currency NameIndian Rupee
Currency Symbol
Currency Minor Unit1/100
Currency Minor Unit SymbolP
Top SGD ConversionINR to USD
Indian Rupee Profile
Coins Used in IndianFreq; ₹1, ₹2, ₹5, ₹10, ₹50
Bank Notes of IndianFreq Used Bank Notes in India; ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200 ₹500, ₹1000
Name of Central BankReserve Bank of India
Central Bank UsersIndia, Nepal, and Bhutan
Singapore Dollar to inr

Singapore dollar (SGD)

The Indian Rupee (INR):

The Indian Rupee, which is in short form (INR) is the official currency of India. India’s central bank is called the Reserve Bank of India issues all new note of Rupees and any cons of the country. All the rights of the Indian Rupee are on behalf of the Reserve Bank of India.

Indian Currency:

After that, there was a great change in the Indian monetary system in 2016, the 500 and 1000 ceased to be legal tender in India. For stopping corruption and illegal tender in India a crucial step was taken by the government of India. Rs100 notes were removed from the market. 

1 Singapore Dollar to inr, Singapore Dollar (SGD)= Indian Rupee (INR) Conversion Rate:

SerialSingapore DollarIndian Rupee (INR)
11SGD₹61.54 INR,
25 SGD307.71834 Indian Rupees
310 SGD615.45
420 SGD1,230.90
550 SGD3,077.26
680 SGD4,923.62
7100 SGD6,154.52
8150 SGD9,231.78
9200 SGD12,309.04
10250 SGD15,386.30
11300 SGD18,463.56
12350 SGD21,540.82
13400 SGD24,618.08
14450 SGD27,695.34
15500 SGD30,772.60
16550 SGD33,849.86
17600 SGD36,927.12
18650 SGD40,004.38
19700 SGD43,081.64
20750 SGD46,158.90
21800 SGD49,236.16
22850 SGD52,313.42
23900 SGD55,390.68
24950 SGD58,467.94
251000 SGD61,545.20

1 Singapore Dollar to inr, Singapore Dollar (SGD) = Indian Rupee (INR) Conversion Rate:

SerialIndian Rupee (INR)Singapore Dollar
11 INR0.02 SGD
25 INR0.08 SGD
310 INR0.16 SGD
420 INR0.33 SGD
525 INR0.41 SGD
650 INR0.81 SGD
7100 INR1.63 SGD
8150 INR2.44 SGD
9200 INR3.25 SGD
10250 INR4.06 SGD
11300 INR4.88 SGD
12350 INR5.69 SGD
13400 INR6.50 SGD
14450 INR7.31 SGD
15500 INR8.13 SGD
161000 INR16.25 SGD
175000 INR81.26 SGD
1810,000 INR162.51 SGD
1915,000 INR243.77 SGD
2020,000 INR325.02 SGD
2125,000 INR406.28 SGD
2230,000 INR487.53 SGD
2335,000 INR568.79 SGD
2440,000 INR650.04 SGD
2550,000 INR812.55 SGD
Singapore Dollar to inr

Conclusion: Singapore Dollar to inr

In conclusion, we can say that our guide’s for your remittance security. There are a huge number of Indian workers as well as a businessman working in the People’s Republic of Singapore. They remitted the Singapore Dollar every month to India, which Singapore Dollar to inr. 

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